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Two Things you Need to Know About Enterprise Architecture

1. Are you looking at Enterprise Architecture as a Function or Strategy? 2. What is the difference and why does it matter? Many medium to large organizations have “architects” and a large majority of them are found in departments that provide the organization’s information and communication technology (IT and ICT). These organizations have a department/group […]

Draft Day: What We Can Learn About Strategic Planning and Architecture

In the movie Draft Day, Kevin Costner plays the role of Sonny Weaver, the GM of the Cleveland Browns.  After his father and legendary coach of the team passes away, the Browns are in a rebuild and desperate to put together a team that its fans can support and win on the field.  Early on, the […]

Confusing Performance and Outcome Hinders the Application of Enterprise Architecture

Most postings on online forums such as LinkedIn focus on defining Enterprise Architecture (EA).  Even a broad consensus among those that practice it consume is at its best, a difficult proposition.  Those promoting their own points of view in an attempt to clarify EA inevitably result in creating further contention, confusion and prevent those that may benefit from […]

Architecture Requirements… Now Defined

What are architecture requirements? I am pleased to announce that the Open Group has recently published a paper entitled: TOGAF®, an Open Group Standard, and Enterprise Architecture Requirements. This paper has been authored by QRS Architects Jason Uppal and yours truly. Architecture requirements are fundamental in driving and creating architecture work products. While there may be commonality […]