Architecture Requirements… Now Defined

What are architecture requirements?

I am pleased to announce that the Open Group has recently published a paper entitled: TOGAF®, an Open Group Standard, and Enterprise Architecture Requirements. This paper has been authored by QRS Architects Jason Uppal and yours truly.

Architecture requirements are fundamental in driving and creating architecture work products. While there may be commonality in understanding the concept of architecture requirements, their practical application, relationship to other requirements and driving of architecture work can be further elaborated.

Download Architecture Requirements Paper

Here is the abstract for this paper:

The understanding of requirements has been one of the most contentious issues between IT and Business. To resolve this conflict, many disciplines have emerged but progress to resolve this conflict has been minimal. Our view is that the root cause of this conflict has been two-fold:

1. A lack of common vocabulary, and
2. Clear accountability of the outcome

The Business often expresses requirements as characteristics of the solution rather than characteristics of the problem, and when they build a system based on the provided requirements, the system often fails to address the organization’s business opportunities. Re-definition and rework further increases time and cost to the project and to the dismay of everyone involved, the results get marked as one more failed IT project.

In this paper, we are separating the notion of requirements into two perspectives. For each perspective we have defined roles, responsibilities, and how requirements are elicited, analyzed, communicated, and tested. Most importantly, accountability for the completeness and accuracy is explicitly defined. To ensure clear communication, we have provided a set of architecture requirements for a major Business Transformation program.

We would like to thank the Open Group and their process of review and rigor in publishing this paper and we look forward to playing a role in evolving the next generation of the TOGAF® specification.

This paper also supports our advanced training programs to help architects and the business transformation community work together to realize desired business outcomes.

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