About Me – Tamim Rahman

Tamim Rahman

For most of my career in technology (15 years and counting…), I have had a variety of roles in helping organizations plan, implement and exploit transformation and change.  This has given me an appreciation of the complexities involved with changing any existing capability and the the importance of communication and support from everyone involved.

Canada is home, I have lived in Eastern Canada for over 30 years but have worked across North America and parts of Europe as an Enterprise Architect, Project Manager, trainer and subject matter expert in many organizations and industries across public and private sectors.   I have been independent and also have worked with other organizations such as Accenture, QR Systems Inc, CGI and others.

I look forward to helping build the a stronger community of capability-based thinkers, do connect with me or let me know of the challenges you have faced in when tackling a major initiative or ideas of what areas to address.



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